My name is Fred and I am a Dane living in Glasgow with my wife and our 4 year old son. I came to Glasgow in 1996 to study. I graduated from the Glasgow School of Art's Fine Art Photography department in 1999 and subsequently became a Master of Fine Art in 2005. I have exhibited my photographs and videos nationally as well as internationally. Between 2007-2020 I had the pleasure of working for the multiple award winning Scottish artist Douglas Gordon's studio in Berlin. My job description included exhibition designer and photographer. I would often travel from the studio to oversee his works being installed and subsequently photograph the installations at prestigious museums and galleries all over the world. Under Douglas Gordon's direction in New York, I also took the cover photograph for Rufus Wainwright's album 'All days are Nights: Songs for Lulu". I'm very excited to be back in Glasgow and to start a new chapter as a free-lance photographer as well as continuing my career as an artist. You can find examples of my artworks on this site